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If you’re completely new to driving, your first lesson with Halo Driving School will include familiarising yourself with the car’s controls, and practicing moving off and stopping safely. You will always get to drive the car during this first lesson, if only for a short distance.

This first lesson lasts for 2 hours. For subsequent lessons, a 2 hour lesson duration is recommended if possible, as this allows you time to become familiar with each new driving topic, and gives you time to put it into practice. You will learn more in one 2 hour lesson than you will in two 1 hour lessons, and the whole process of getting to test standard will be quicker. All lessons are on a one to one basis.

We also supply and update your Driver's Record after each lesson to help you monitor your progress towards the Practical Test. This record covers the 24 key skills included in the Practical Driving Test, so is a useful indicator of how you’re progressing with your driving and when you will be ready to sit the test. We can also assist with material, advice and coaching to help you through the Theory Test.

New drivers often ask how long it will take to get to test standard. DSA research shows new drivers take about 45 hours of professional instruction, and 22 hours of personal practice before successfully passing the practical test. This will of course depend on your ability, your previous experience as a road user, and how quickly you learn. Some drivers will require a lot less, some a lot more.

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Essential reading

These publications are all essential reading for learner drivers. Order them direct from the DSA, or find them in all good bookshops.

The Highway Code

Essential reading for all drivers, new and old. Contains a summary of all the laws that apply to road users

The Official DSA Guide to Driving

This official guide will help you to acquire and maintain the skills necessary to keep you safe on the road

Know Your Traffic Signs

This official guide will help you to acquire and maintain the skills necessary to keep you safe on the road

The Official DSA Guide to Hazard Perception

The only official fully interactive hazard perception DVD for all drivers and motorcyclists